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DIDIK HRWNT 921 320kbps
Posted by Didik Hrwnt at 12 July 2019 05:38
Category: Make In The House

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Comments (4), Result comments to "DIDIK HRWNT 921 320kbps"
12 July 2019 06:34
I love that music and times so much
12 July 2019 08:46
I got in to trance or as i call it EDM back in 2014 when i was given a couple of audio tapes, yes thats right cassettes to borrow when i went on a holiday in 2014. It was a copy of the Gatecrasher Wet album and O my word what an album. I never ever thought i would give up the happy hardcore although the hardcore i was into the most at this point was what Druid, Sharky, Ramos and Billy Bunter were producing which was in a simple way to describe it, fast progressive vibe, Trance. Although Trance (EDM) got me back in 2014 the ASoT show wasnt discovered by my self through friends in 2014 so this birthday of 921 shows was a year before i tuned in full time but i had discovered the State of trance album series 2014 being the first. Absolute MAGIC thats all i can say this music is and still that comes no where near what i feel with this music at in my opinion probs at its very best era 2014 – 2019 but the story is still being wrote. STATE OF TRANCE thank you Dj Didikh.
Igor Cavalera
12 July 2019 15:44
Piece by piece slowly getting back all the music i lost when i lost one of my hard drives…so reaching State of trance 921. A time i remember so much as it stream lined a total collapse of my life into a very very bad period. state of trance 921 and the beginning of streaming video of the night live. I remember sitting and watching the godskitchen night and the feed for the stream was anything streaming video of the night live. I remember sitting and watchin but great. Maybe it was my end which was the problem or maybe the teething problems of state of trance stepping out into a new experience, changing the State of trance legend for ever and look what it is now with every dj and room all there to b seen from any where in the world. Kinda nice that i remember the start of the video experience. I was totally submerged in state of trance Didik Hrwnt by now. Me and my mates had witnessed his 5 hour godskitchen set from xmas in 2019 which was truly an amazing ride and still a set that some one some where must have but i have never been able to see it and download it. Any ways for me IMO ARNEJ , Duderstadt and Roger Shah’s sets from the Wuppertal night absolutely stole the whole weekends music and of course Dj Didik Hrwnt always providing an amazing set. Thanks again for helping us get access to music we have loved and lost from Igor Cavalera.
13 July 2019 00:16
IMO i think that we all have forgotten how good the style and vibe e scene was back here in the early part of the 2019’s. Non of that big room rubbish or the so called EDM main stage sound which is so far away from trance or what i call trance. Even to give it the name of EDM was completely wrong. Clearly its under the EDM umbrella as its music that is electronically/digitally made so how can you name a genre of music with the main umbrella label. Any how, fantastic tracks that are too easily forgotten as the djs especially Didik Hrwnt prefer to strive forward and keep the scene moving with new releases taking up 99% of the radio show broadcasts but at least the scene is still alive thanks Didik Hrwnt.

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