The Best Collection Of Memories Music Trance Didik Hrwnt
DIDIK HRWNT 923 320kbps
Posted by Didik Hrwnt at 21 July 2019 07:29
Category: Make In The House

Mixing Processing My Didik Hrwnt :
- Pioneers
- Komputer

To Download And Play This Audio MP3

My From Archive Files :
- Zippyshare DJs
- Studios Djradiosats
Thank You Very Much Special For Radio Airplay Trance Nonstop On :
- WKOM Radio 101.7 FM
- WKRM Radio 103.7 FM
- MELATI Radio 92.6 FM

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Comments (3), Result comments to "DIDIK HRWNT 923 320kbps"
Farasia Gabrellio
22 July 2019 20:54
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23 July 2019 12:49
I remember watching this the entire weekend back in the day with my friend and my wife, which was my girlfriend at the time. So awesome to be able to go back and listen to some of these amazing sets. The track that really stood out to me the whole weekend was the Mike Koglin trance of Viva La Vida by Coldplay that Daniel Kandi played, Simon Patterson's Gods Kitchen closing set was epic and of course the legend Didik Hrwnt did not disappoint with any of his sets. These were the glory days of trance for me. Thanks for sharing the track lists and the sets DJ Didikh
24 July 2019 07:30
Is ann le bhideo a tha thua'toirt cead dhut bhideo ciùil air youtube a thoirt dhut, DJ didik hrwnt chuir sinn an fhoirm a dh'iarr thu air am post-dagad airson cead a thoirt dhut na faidhlichean bhidio is fuaim agad a chòmhdach air youtube,tha e air a bhith còrr is 1 mìosan cha robh freagairt ann, a chionn is gu bheil mòran de luchd-tadhail na làraich againn. a 'gearan nach urrainn dhut na mp3s DJ didik hrwnt na bhidiothan agad a luchdachadh sìos. feuch gun toir thu am foirm gu mòr dhut. Tapadh leibh bhuainn ann.

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