The Best Collection Of Memories Music Trance Didik Hrwnt

The best assessment music intro that I used at the opening of the WMC festival on 02 May 2019 on the plaza Surabaya, at my opening ceremony at 16:15 in Surabaya, I would like to thank you very much for all the visitors who supported me, here are the festival equipment I use it to make intro music for the opening of the WMC festival.
Played On My Didik Hrwnt :
- 2 Dack Pioneers
- 2 Vertual
- 2 Komputer

Download And Play This Audio MP3

Thanks to :
- radio wijaya fm.
- livesats tv.
- australian tv.
- amterdams tv.
- studio djradiostas
- studio liecond.
And all recording studios, radio studios and television stations that support the festival.
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