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My best champion 1 in participating in the top 10 WMC festival held on the 5th floor of Surabaya Plaza plaza on 2 May 2019, I live at 00:13 a.m. I do not forget to say to all visitors who support my music at the festival All blog readers can also see footage of my festival on YouTube with the keyword search Didik Hrwnt, in the festival I use tools :
Played On My Didik Hrwnt :
- 4 Pioneers
- 3 Vertual
- 2 DVS
- 4 Midi Controller
- 4 Komputer

Flash To Download

Thanks to :
- radio wijaya fm.
- livesats tv.
- australian tv.
- amterdams tv.
- studio djradiostas
- studio liecond.
- Studios Bassmobi.
- Studio Astateoftrancelive.
And all recording studios, radio studios and television stations that support the festival.
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Comments (3), Result comments to "DIDIK HRWNT FESTIVAL WMC (Juara 1 Top 10 Festival WMC 02 May 2019) Live 00:13"
David dares
09 May 2019 09:34
thanks the best of music
Ahmed Romel
10 May 2019 01:12
Thank you Didik hrwnt, your music is indeed good enough, always successful
10 May 2019 17:23
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