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Best Champion 1 Melodic Goa Psy Trance Uplifting Festival On 5 February 2019

Best Champion 1 Melodic Goa Psy Trance Uplifting Festival mix on 5 February 2019 live 13:30 I thank you very much for all who like and support the music I made in this festival equipment used My Mixing Festival Live Didik Hrwnt :
- 2 Pioneers
- 2 Vertual
- 3 DVS
- 2 Komputer
- 4 CDJ

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I thank all the studios and television stations that supported and recorded the festival :
- Studios Djradiosat.
- Studios Outdoorses.
- Studios Bassmobi.
- Studios Liecond
- Studios Livesats.
- Wijaya FM Radio.
- Australian Television.
- Djs Studios.
- Global Dj Mixing Studios.
- Digital Television Germany.
- And Club Djs Studios Recorded And Television Nederlands.
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Comments (12), Result comments to "DIDIK HRWNT Juara 1 Uplifting Melodic Goa Psy Trance Festival Mix 5 February 2019 (28.02.2019)"
Official Center Discotique
28 February 2019 16:22
Congratulations on winning 1st place again, music is pretty good, thank you
Max Graham
28 February 2019 16:32
Your music is truly amazing, amazed many viewers to congratulate you on the 1st place
28 February 2019 16:45
Congratulations on the champions you get, when you perform music that you make out of the ordinary all the viewers stand up and the atmosphere turns lively than before you appear on stage. Thanks for you
28 February 2019 21:47
A very festive festival once you have won 1st place
02 March 2019 20:10
Es ist erstaunlich, dass Ihre Show zu dieser Zeit war, ich gratuliere Ihnen zum ersten Platz
Maria octaviany
02 March 2019 20:20
Nella misura in cui la mia immaginazione è salito ad ascoltare la tua musica, congratulazioni per il primo posto per te
Djs Club
02 March 2019 21:20
From the djs club's congratulations on winning 1st place for Didik hrwnt at the cave psy trance festival
Predios Amsterdam Ibiza
02 March 2019 21:33
Van predios amsterdam ibiza feliciteren we didik hrwnt die de 1e plaats behaalde in het goa psy trance mix festival
Didik Hrwnt
03 March 2019 22:58
Thank you very much for everyone who likes my music and also thanks everyone who supported me during my festival, , ,Vielen Dank fur alle, die meine Musik mogen und auch alle, die mich wahrend meines Festivals unterstutzt haben
04 March 2019 17:30
A festival that is very lively in the mountains, which can make the atmosphere touch the heart, thank you, didik hrwnt,for your top prize in the Psy Trance Festival
06 March 2019 06:53
Wenn Sie vom Festival den Festivalpreis erhalten, werde ich Sie um Ihr Autogramm bitten,aber zu dieser Zeit hatte ich keine Zeit, da sich viele Menschen mit Ihnen versammelten. Glückwunsch zum ersten Platz, den Sie gewonnen haben
06 March 2019 07:11
Es ist wirklich die beste Musik, die Sie in den Trance gesetzt haben,die Sie im progressiven,erhebenden Trance-Psy-Festival gemacht haben. Glückwunsch zu den Champions,die Sie erhalten

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